The Technology of God by Aleya Annaton    

Aleya Annaton

Emissary of Nassim Haramein’s


Delivers a Transforming & Fascinating Presentation

 Aleya Annaton Presentations on Nassim Haramein's Theory


Aleya Annaton, author of , The Technology of GodA Quest For The Secret Of Creation, Source Energy Healer, and Galactic Federation Emissary offers a two to five hour multimedia presentation on the discovery of the missing ninety-six percent of the universe now referred to as the theoretical particles, dark matter and dark energy that is the inspiration for her book.

Though slides and videos the presentation explores how the universe creates itself, our central position in the process, and how we are all connected and constantly in communication with a conscious energy source that pervades all matter. This profound new paradigm of reality substantiates the concept of a conscious, reactive energy field that unites everything as One.

Nassim HarameinThe lecture puts forth the Unified Field Theory created by physicist and mystic, Nassim Haramein that has profound implications for spiritual understanding as well as for a leap in technological that may take mankind to a whole new level of civilization.

Aleya Annaton has studied with Haramein for seven years and has lectured throughout the country. She has been featured on Coast to Coast AM radio with George Noory, presented at the Quest 4 Truth Conference, the Institute for Noetic Science, Unity of Sedona, The Fortian Society and 100+ other venues throughout the country. The multimedia presentation explains in layperson terminology, the fundamental underpinnings of reality.

This scientific breakthrough goes beyond quantum theory and particle physics in its discovery of a new paradigm that all matter is three dimensional and thus can be divided infinitely, eventually collapsing to black hole at its center. It explains the significance of sacred geometry as the infinite Field comes into coherence using a 64 tetrahedral grid that can divide or expand infinitely in fractals. The Technology of God

Annaton points out some basic flaws in today’s scientific premises that have prevented discovery of this information to date by mainstream science with its unwillingness to embrace infinite numbers which occur all over nature. The lecture includes examples of the dynamic at work at every level of nature and shows how the information is embedded in all the world’s religions when referring to the God Force.

The theory is grounded in a mathematically sound peer reviewed unified field theory and is corroborated by evidence found in historic texts, ancient monuments and symbols embedded in most of the world’s religions. It ties scientific and spiritual inquiry together in a way that is clear, resonant, and can profoundly change one’s view of reality.

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