Aleya Annaton is an energy healer providing private sessions in person or by phone.  These powerful sessions are done with the assistance of Source energies. Aleya guarantees that the client will feel the healing immediately.

Sessions are one half hour and cost $100The Technology of God

Email aleyaannaton@gmail.com to set up an appointment.




“Aleya Annaton is one of the most natural intuitive healers I have come across in my 30+ years of teaching and doing private sessions. The depth of her knowledge combined with a rare level of integrity adds to her incredible gifts.”

~ Michael Mirdad
Best selling author of You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up!


“My healing session with Aleya Annaton was powerful. I felt a surge of angelic energy surge through me that gave me a feeling of peace and well-being.”

~ Christine Cole


“Aleya is a powerful healer with a true gift.”

~ Maritsa