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Aleya Annaton

      It is time to wake up to the reality of human existence. Everything we were taught in school is wrong. What the masses believe to be real, is less than 5% of what makes up our universe and our personal reality. We have been told for too long that we must give up our power to a higher authority, when what we seek is in the mirror! Western religions tell us to abdicate our personal power and keep us in fear. From healing our own bodies to manifesting our dreams, we need to take back our birthright – the knowledge that we create our own reality.

      The truth of human existence was known to ancient civilizations that predate our recorded history. The awakening has begun and I invite you to join in the journey of discovery.

      ~ Aleya Annaton

      Aleya Annaton is a visionary thinker who has put forth a cautionary tale and an uncannily accurate view of a dystopian America, much of which has already happened or is coming to fruition.

      She is a talented energy healer and has cured patients with everything from aches, pains, and emotional distress to  terminal cancer. She uses her own intuited technique of taping into the Source energy  field that runs the human body. 

      Ms. Annaton has had a diverse career in the arts, politics, and marketing  that spanned over twenty-five years. She undertook a twenty-year self-study of Quantum Physics and later studied with physicist Nassim Haramein and based the science in the book on his Unified Field Theory. She also is the author of “Soul Journeys, Poems of Love, Loss, and Spiritual Awakening,” and is published in the poetry anthology Love and Luminaries by the International Library of Poetry. She now presents multi-media presentations, continues to write and heal, and works to enlighten the world.

     The Technology of God by Aleya Annaton

Where Science & Spirituality

Collide in a Thrilling Story of

Love Betrayal, Intrigue, and Discovery!


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What Are People Saying?

     “Who are we, why are we here? Aleya captures our attention and makes us wonder.”

     ~George Noory, Host of Coast To Coast AM radio


      “The Technology of God offers mind-bending physics, a chilling vision of America’s future, and the ultimate hope of redemption, all wrapped up in a rattling good read.”

~ Graham Hancock Best Selling Author of Fingerprints of the Gods,  Magicians of the Gods, and Supernatural


      “Rarely does a book blend the concepts of the highest theories of science with those of spirituality and none seem to do it so well. The Technology of God pulls the reader into something that feels less like a book and more like a virtual reality experience. Aleya Annaton uses just enough of a story-line and novel format to allow the scientific and spiritual realities to come to life—right before your eyes.

    ~Michael Mirdad, bestselling author of You’re Not Going Crazy … You’re Just Waking Up!


      “Aleya Annaton, one of the twelve original Emissaries of the Resonance Project Foundation, has masterfully woven my unified field theory into a novel format that both informs and entertains. I highly recommend The Technology of God to anyone interested in gaining an understanding of my work or simply enjoying a mesmerizing story that will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next.”

~ Nassim Haramein, Founder of the Resonance Project Foundation

The Story

      Physicist Dr. Alex Harmon, and his colleague and lover, the beautiful Sydney Stewart, discover that the universe has a massive hidden side. Their calculations indicate that this energy field which current science is unable to measure, represents the missing 96% of the universe referred to by mainstream science as “dark matter” and “dark energy”.  

      The story is set in a dystopian near-future United States controlled by an extremist religious faction. Determining that this abundant field of energy can be accessed through a technology, they embark on a journey to piece together the missing information, putting them in the crosshairs of the new religious order and its tyrannical leader.

      Believing there had been a highly advanced civilization on Earth tens of thousands of years ago, and that their knowledge of physics was encoded into the world’s religious traditions – Harmon and Stewart set out to decipher clues in ancient manuscripts, religious symbols, secret societies, and ancient ruins around the world. They discover that the universe uses a very specific geometry to create the physical world in an infinite field of energy and potential. Their scientific finding has profound implications for understanding metaphysical phenomena – forbidden knowledge under the new religious law.

      As they work to build the technology to access this mysterious realm, they must negotiate a world of political intrigue, ancient initiation, love, betrayal, and contact with Beings from other worlds. What they find at the end of their quest is no less than the answers to the most intriguing questions man has pondered since he first gazed at the stars.


 The Book Cover Depicts
Da Vinci’s Hand
of God Pointing
To A Very Specific Geometry


        Why were so many ancient civilizations building pyramids? Is there something special in this shape? The world’s great religious symbols such as the Flower of Life, the Eye of Horus, the Yin and Yang sign, the Kabalistic Tree of Life and others have something very significant in common that will lead Alex and Sydney to the secret of creation!


Powerful Healings with ALEYA ANNATON

      The same science described in the book explains why and how spontaneous healings can occur when taping into the vast intelligence of the underlying field of energy in which all physical matter is embedded.  Aleya taps into this field to bring in energies that she guarantees you will feel. Any illness, pain, or emotional trauma can be treated without medication or invasive operations. From cancer to back pain, Aleya has had miraculous results. Because the healings take place in the Field, treatments can be done remotely. 

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