The Technology of God by Aleya Annaton

Aleya Annaton


Aleya Annaton’s path to spirituality started with a near death experience in 1980 during a routine operation.  Such experiences have been known to open a doorway to the spiritual world.  Since then, she developed healing abilities, telepathy, clairvoyance and other “metaphysical” senses. She began a twenty-year self-study of Quantum Physics in an effort to understand how this was possible.  She later studyied with Nassim Haramein whose unified field theory proposes another unseen side to the universe.  It is this theory which provided the inspiration for the science portrayed in The Technology Of God. 

Ms. Annaton gives lectures throughout the United States and provides miraculous healings in person or remotely. Many of the experiences portrayed in her book are based on her personal experiences.

She is the author of  Soul Journeys, Poems of Love, Loss, and Spiritual Awakening and is published in the poetry anthology  Love and Luminaries by the International Library of Poetry.  The Technology of God is her first novel.  She currently resides in Sedona, Arizona. 


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