For thousands of years people sought out medicine men, shamans, and witch doctors for cures for their ailments.  Western culture dismisses this as superstitious nonsense.  But is it?  Has the advent of modern science blinded us to what the ancients knew to be true?

Has science, based on the double blind test, failed us? After all, what is a placebo effect?  It is the body responding to the belief that it is receiving a healing medication, when it is not.  And yet, a high percentage of people receiving placebos improve to the same degree as those using a drug.  Even so, we continue to put our faith in pills that kill more people annually than illegal drugs and car accidents.

I think the belief that something we cannot see and test does not exist, may be seen by future generation as a notion just as preposterous as we view shamans and witch doctors today.  Have we thrown out the ancient wisdom because we have failed to understand the underlying mechanism of the spiritual realm?

Much like an insect skimming the surface of a lake, believing there is nothing below; we too may be missing the vast depths of a reality just below the surface of our senses. Many have intuited its presence.  Phenomena that travel through it have been documented as real, but cannot be measured.  This is because there is a Field of infinite energy inside  “contracted” space that lies within a black hole; according to a published, peer reviewed Unified Field Theory called the Harimein-Rauscher Solution.

In a black hole the gravitational pull is so intense, light or electromagnetism cannot escape.  We need electromagnetism to be able to measure something, and that is why phenomena that travel through contracted space cannot be measured and therefore, verified.

According to this theory, contracted space is an infinite Field of conscious energy that underlies all of physical reality.  It is connected to all matter through black holes that center all particles. This Field is sometimes called Source, the ether, zero point, your higher self, the divine, the spiritual realm, and God. We are embedded in it and interact with it all the time.  The problem is that we are doing so unconsciously, and therefore getting unwanted results.  Think of the Field as a lake, and matter as a vortex in the water.  The vortex takes on a dynamic that differentiates it from the rest of the lake and yet it is made of the same stuff, and when it stops spinning, it returns to its former state.

The Field behaves like a hologram in that every point contains the whole … just as every strand of DNA contains all the information for the entire body. So, the Field contains our entire universe and any others that may exist.

Time and distance have no meaning in the Field as every point contains whole of existence. This is why energetic healings can work remotely and why telepathy can fly around the world instantaneously. The Field is pure formless energy until it gets little eddies that spin into existence and create matter.  Our consciousness interacts with the Field.  This is why scientists have seen in experiments at the quantum level, that adding an observer changes the outcome of any experiment.

Matter is mostly empty space. Consider that an atom, which is the building block of matter, is 99% empty space. In fact the distance between a neutron and a proton inside the nucleus of an atom, relative to its size, is about 26 trillion miles! So matter (the electron, proton, and neutron) represents just a tiny bit of what is.  The empty space is not empty at all, but rather is filled with the infinite density of the Field.  It appears empty because it is in perfect geometric equilibrium.  This is where sacred geometry comes into play. The universe uses a 64 tetrahedral grid to go to infinity both inward and outward. This particular geometry is the most stable in existence. The universe uses this geometry to create boundaries around the infinity of the Field to create physical matter.

Science looks only at the matter to define reality. Perhaps we should be looking at the space, which is the Field and most of what is, to understand reality.  If we can learn how the universe creates boundaries around the infinity of the Field, then we can create a technology to create physical matter from the Field.  Shamans and healers have know for millennia that all we need do is apply our consciousness to alter the Field, create new realities, restore health, and even create physical matter.  This is how Moses got water out of rock, and Jesus multiplied loaves.  This is why those who practice Metaphysics and spiritual healings can perform what looks like miracles!




By Aleya Annaton, author of The Technology Of God, A Quest For The Secret Of Creation



            The world awaited December 21, 2012 with anxious anticipation.  Myriad  books and articles were written on the subject, ranging from theories that predict the end of the world, changes to our DNA, the second coming of Christ, a shift in consciousness, massive earth changes, the ascension of humankind – to nothing at all.  Of course nothing clearly noticeable happened.  But when cultures as diverse as the Mayans, the Hopi, and the Chinese predicted that this date was significant, it seems that the winter solstice of 2012 may have marked some significant shift for humanity.

I never expected a mystical experience, but I do believe we are at the cusp of a gigantic leap in technology – one much more profound than the discovery of fire or the wheel.  Imagine if this were one week before the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk, and I told you we would be flying in giant metal birds across country in a matter of hours. You would probably have thought I was crazy.   I’m asking you to suspend you disbelief and imagine this is the week before the greatest scientific leap humankind has ever taken … one where science and spirituality will collide and human civilization will change forever!

We are missing most of the universe!  Scientists have observed that the universe is expanding at such a rate that there isn’t enough mass to explain how this is happening.  Our scientific community has made up theoretical particles called dark matter and dark energy to account for this missing mass.  In fact, they believe that the missing material would have to contain 96% more matter than everything else we can measure in the entire physical universe to cause the rate of expansion that we observe.  This means that what we call physical reality represents just four percent of what is actually out there!  Keep in mind that scientists also tell us we are only using about four or five percent of our brains as well.

Nassim Haramein, a physicist with a paradigm shifting Unified Field Theory believes he knows where the missing mass is … and it might just be the discovery of the spiritual realm!  His theory contends that there is no such thing as one or two-dimensional space and yet much of our mathematics is conceived of in flat space.  If something is said to be flat, one has to ask, “how flat?”   This question can’t be answered without adding a third dimension.  Thus, if all matter is three dimensional, it stands to reason, that it can be divided infinitely.  This would cause all particles of matter to collapse to infinite density at their center … and that is the definition of a black hole!  (Haramein’s paper The Schwarzchild Proton that puts forth the mathematics to support this theory is published and peer reviewed by the American Institute of Physics.)  If indeed there is a black hole at the center of all particles of matter, it implies another hidden side to the universe, meaning we have a radiated side to the universe that we live in and call physical reality, and a contracted side hidden within a black hole.

The current model of our universe is a balloon with pennies on it representing galaxies.  As the balloon expands, the galaxies are moving farther and farther apart.  The balloon represents the radiated side of the universe, the reality we know, in which space is expanding.  But, for the balloon to be expanding something has to be contracting.  Someone has to be blowing into the balloon!  In order to blow up a balloon, the lungs have to contract.  This is how Haramein came to understand that there had to be a contractive force to cause the expansion of the universe.  He also realized that there had to be a breath-like interaction between the radiated and contracted sides of the universe.  Now, here’s where you get the spiritual implication.  When energy, which is interchangeable with information or data, feeds back upon itself, you have the definition of consciousness.  This implies a conscious field of infinitely dense energy, underlying every particle of matter in the universe or multiverse, connecting all things and making all things One.

If all matter is infinite and everything is collapsing into a black hole, how is it that there is anything physical at all?  This conundrum of the compatibility of infinities and finite boundaries has stumped scientists for thousands of years.  Haramein believes the answer is that the universe creates boundary conditions around the infinities.  Within a boundary the space can be divided infinitely. However, one can never exceed the original boundary condition. Thus, infinities and finite boundaries are indeed compatible.  He further states that the universe  creates these boundary conditions using the specific geometry of a 64 tetrahedral grid.  This sounds rather farfetched until you realize that this geometry is embodied in ancient religious symbols around the world and throughout history including the Flower of Life, the Star of David, the Eye of Horus, the I Ching’s 64 grid of reality, the Kabalistic Tree of Life, the Yin and Yang sign, and many others.  Did you ever wonder why the ancients spent so much time and energy building pyramids?  Perhaps it is because this geometry resonates with the Field.

Haramein maintains that the contracted field is the space or vacuum that is thought of as empty.  But, according to his theory, space or the vacuum is not empty at all, but rather is infinitely dense.  In fact, he has calculated that there is more vacuum energy in one cubic centimeter of contracted space than all the matter we can observe in the visible universe!   Did you know that the distance between a neutron and a proton in a single atom – relative to its size – is equivalent of the distance between our sun and the nearest star – or 25 trillion miles?  That’s a lot of space and just an itsy bitsy bit of matter!  Perhaps we should be looking at the space and not the matter to understand the true extent of reality.   And, if the space is the spiritual realm, it would mean that matter is embedded in it like a vortex in a lake.

So perhaps the missing mass is not matter at all, but the gravitational pull of the black hole dynamic at the center of all things.  Not a particle … but a dynamic of the fabric of space. That would mean that everything we know … all of our technology, medicine, sociology and understanding of reality is based on the radiated side of the equation, which we know represents just four percent of what is out there.  Imagine the profound change that would occur in our civilization if we were able to understand and utilize the other 96 percent!  Haramein is attempting to do just that and it may be the answer to the significance to the 2012 date.

If we can learn how the universe creates boundary conditions around the infinite space, then we could become creators ourselves! We could manifest anything, much like the replicators on the old Star Trek series. Perhaps this is the very technology that allowed Moses to get water out of rock and Jesus to multiply loaves. Such a technology would mean the end of lack and an abundance of resources.  The field brings everything into perfect resonance.  This would mean anything exposed to the field would return to its pristine condition including biological entities.  Life extension, profound healings, crop yields, and purified water would result.

But, what of the spiritual implications?  If contracted space is the spiritual realm, what happens when we knock at God’s door?  According to Haramein’s theory, black holes are the doorway or “event horizon” to the contracted side of the universe.  Opening controlled black holes is at the heart of the new technology and that would mean the ability to control gravity and create anti-gravity propulsion.  This is the technology that will take us to the stars.  Because the contracted field is infinitely dense, it behaves like a hologram, where all parts contain the whole.  Travel through this side of the universe would be virtually instantaneous. Perhaps ascension is the literal getting off the planet. When a civilization finally attains the technology necessary to leave their home planet, they must have an understanding of the contracted side of the universe and the fundamental nature of black holes. This would bring a profound change  to our understanding of reality and the Divine.

I don’t know what it would be like to be in direct contact with the Field, but some astronauts do, and have gone through profound spiritual awakenings after having been in the vacuum.  To work with this technology, we will be working with the universal intelligence and this would have to have an intense impact on our consciousness. We can only imagine the shift that will take place on planet Earth … and believe it or not … the technology may be just around the corner.