The Technology of God by Aleya Annaton


“The Technology of God offers mind-bending physics, a chilling vision of America’s future, and the ultimate hope of redemption, all wrapped up in a rattling good read.”

~ Graham Hancock
author of Fingerprints of the Gods and Entangled


“Who are we? And Why are we here? Aleya captures our attention and makes us wonder.”

~ George Noory
Host of Coast to Coast AM


“Rarely does a book blend the concepts of the highest theories of science with those of spirituality and none seem to do it so well. The Technology of God pulls the reader into something that feels less like a book and more like a virtual reality experience. Aleya Annaton uses just enough of a story-line and novel format to allow the scientific and spiritual realities to come to life–right before your eyes.”

Michael Mirdad

“Aleya Annaton, an Emissary of the Resonance Project Foundation, has masterfully woven my unified field theory into a novel format that both informs and entertains.

I highly recommend The Technology of God to anyone interested in gaining an understanding of my work or simply enjoying a mesmerizing story that will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next.”

~ Nassim Haramein


The Technology of God enthralled us from beginning to end.  As readers of all of Dan Brown’s book, we can definitely say we loved this more.  The topics it covers are ones that touch our hearts and souls at a very deep level. Even if you do not know who the great mystic physicist Nassim Haramein is, you will love this book and its insights into the future of planet earth.  It portrays what may happen to us if we continue down the road we are presently on.  And, it offers a great light at the end of the tunnel that provides inspirational hope for us all. We highly recommend this book to eveerone who is disconcerted with the present state of world affairs and is open minded to our true potential.

~ Pratima and Narada from Byron Bay, Australia


“I was stunned by the extraordinary way that this author captures the scientific heart and soul of Nassim’s research and the science that is expanding/changing our reality.  Brilliant job to the author who wins our heart and intellectual thirst in taking heady research and making it easy to understand through the lives of the characters within the book.  When is the next book, Aleya Annaton?  Keep ‘em coming!”

~ Dr. Jami


“Fantastic read, could not put it down. A well told journey of discovery into the actual nature of reality.”

~ DR, Sedona, Arizona


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“It is a compelling read.  One of those books that is very hard to put down for any length of time.  We are more in control of what goes on around us than we would ever believe and are often our own worst enemies.  I found myself reading this book with my computer beside me needing to get further explanations of some of the terminology and concepts of physics put forward by the author.  As someone who has watched many of Nassim Haramein’s lectures on YouTube, this novel was a nice refresher.  Well done.  I hope there is more to come.”

~ Kaperz,  BC Canada

“I was Honored to read the first few chapters of Aleya’s book in it’s initial draft. She is quite an AMAZING Writer… And it is quite an AMAZING story. Even though it is a fictional setting, the answer to many unknowns are made known with Quantum Science. I bow to her knowledge and understandings of this kinda stuff…and it’s a great Love Story too. I am always a sucker for a Love expander. Live LOVE…and Prosper!!!”

~ L’iv

“This book is off the chain. I have been foretold of this time long ago (1980’s) and many mystics have told me of this time and what would be discovered. This book left me in shock at it felt like I was sucked into the story — sort of like Harry Potter! The author writes with deep accuracy and sincerity – I can feel the truth in her writing. It was like I could actually feel this other reality — I am ready to go to that other field Rumi talks about – for I now have seen the future and am happy as can be. AThe Technology of God stunning, suspenseful read, explains physics concepts easily and then the hot sex — oh yeah — this is really God alright — lol — I really enjoyed this book – I stand ready to really embrace this concept — things have been too boxy for too long- time to think outside the box! A most provactive and deep read — I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you write more — absolutely should be made into a movie!”

~ Desmond Clark

“I found this book to be truly an amazing and eye-opening vision of a new reality. It seems to explain so many of the escoteric teachings in understandable scientific terms. Spirituality does not have to be a matter of faith when the scientific proof is here!”

~ Harold Romans


“Profound information and a fantastic read!”

~ Donna Feeley


“Delightful, innovative, playful, brilliant!”

~ Happy Oasis


 Listen or Read the first two Chapters for FREE


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