The Technology of God by Aleya Annaton

The Docu-Novel that is Rocking

the Worlds of Science and Religion

The Technology of God



Collide in a Thrilling Story of

Love Betrayal, Intrigue, and Discovery!



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“Who are we? And why are we here?

Aleya captures our attention and makes us wonder.”

~ George Noory, Host of Coast to Coast AM


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“Aleya Annaton, an Emissary of the Resonance Project Foundation, has masterfully woven my unified field theory into a novel format that both informs and entertains.

I highly recommend The Technology of God to anyone interested in gaining an understanding of my work or simply enjoying a mesmerizing story that will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next.”

~ Nassim Haramein


“The Technology of God offers mind-bending physics, a chilling vision of America’s future, and the ultimate hope of redemption, all wrapped up in a rattling good read.”

~ Graham Hancock
author of
Fingerprints of the Gods and Entangled


A Paradigm Smashing

New View of Reality!!


The Technology of God is a science fiction metaphysical thriller, based on the real life theory of award-winning physicist Nassim Haramein.

The Technology of GodThe spiritual community may have their champion in this physicist whose unification theory is rocking the world of science and religion as it offers a complete scientific understanding of existence including the spiritual.

Aleya Annaton, Emissary of Haramein’s Resonance Project Foundation, has masterfully woven the elements of this profound new understanding of creation into a thrilling adventure that keeps the reader turning the pages to find out what happens next.



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